Tuntematon leijona

27.4.–29.4.2018 Ishmael Falke, Grus grus teatteri
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Maamme tärkein kissaeläin nostetaan pöydälle! Sadan vuoden uskollisen palvelun jälkeen Suomen leijona pitää paussin vaakunassa poseeraamisesta, avaa suunsa ja vihdoin puhuu!

16+ / TEHDAS Teatteri, Turku

Krepsko Cabaret

Krepsko Theatre Group

Unique evening full of joy of circus, pearls of puppet theatre, live music and inch of illusions.

Stories from Other Towns

2.11.–8.11.2017 Krepsko theatre group

Amazing puppet theatre cabaret!

13+ / Lappeenranta (Satamakatu 6), TEHDAS Theatre, Turku (for adults), TEHDAS Theatre, Turku (all ages), Lavaklubi, Helsinki


4.11. Lee Lahikainen

The set consists of an underground miniature world made of paper, shadows, surprising objects, spaces and characters - like in a pop-up book.

12+ / Kirjakahvila, Turku

Atlas on the Other Side of the Fence

Anna Uschanov

Atlas on the Other Side of the Fence is a wanderer’s moment and a trip into the forest.



Laura Sillanpää

Performance about meeting of grab and woman.


Faun and Flora

25.3. Lahikainen - Marttila

From the table of Faun and Flora, you can find all the answer to essential questions.

7+ / Tampere, Taidetila Pelto

Only one suitcase allowed

The Nordic Puppet Ambassadors

Objective theatre to one viewer at the time.




Objective theatre and dance combining rhythmic roadtrip



Kuuma Ankanpoikanen

It’s a ship of Dreams!


Tipp Tapp


Christmas themed performance for young children


A Story for Lucky Ones

Rutanen & co

Performance lift Life on surface – how valuable it is.


A Hundred and one Unicorns

Teatteri SudenEnne & TEHDAS Teatteri

Shadows, magical moments and sense experiences


Agatha, with love

TEHDAS Teatteri

Murders, puppets, puppet murders...


Little Winter and color tree

4.12.–11.12.2016 TEHDAS Teatteri

Rampage, joyous cavort, rush of independence, new friends and all the colors of the rainbow!

3+ / Timantti, Seikkailupuisto, Turku

Block theatre

12.4. Ko-koo-moKo-koo-mo

Abstract, geometrical wooden blocks come alive in Block Theatre.

3+ / Cirko, Suvilahti, Helsinki

Miss Rosita’s desires

TEHDAS Teatteri

A puppet skit in the spirit of Federico García Lorca.


Invisible Lands

Livsmedlet theatre

Geographical striptease


Dirty Duckling’s street theater performances

Kuuma Ankanpoikanen

To festivals, events, parties or to where ever

Goldy Retriever and a weirdly peeved winged creature

Teatteri SudenEnne

Puppetry and dog comic art


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