Gone with the Wind

24.8. Kuuma Ankanpoikanen

"With enough courage you can do without a reputation!"

13+ / Sampo 2018, Teatteri Avoimet Ovet

Tuntematon leijona

27.4.–29.4.2018 Ishmael Falke, Grus grus teatteri
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Maamme tärkein kissaeläin nostetaan pöydälle! Sadan vuoden uskollisen palvelun jälkeen Suomen leijona pitää paussin vaakunassa poseeraamisesta, avaa suunsa ja vihdoin puhuu!

16+ / TEHDAS Teatteri, Turku

Krepsko Cabaret

Krepsko Theatre Group

Unique evening full of joy of circus, pearls of puppet theatre, live music and inch of illusions.

Oh My Puppets! -minifestival: Cabaret Ocrik

14.4. Krepsko Theatre Group & special guests

OCRIK This time Krepsko comes to Cirko to rearrange letters, thoughts and atmospheres and create a unique evening of cabaret. Ocrik will offer illusive surprises, circus thrills, pearls of puppetry and live music. International theatre group Krepsko was founded in Prague 2001 and has more than a decade of different cabarets behind them. Since 2017 […]

13+ / Cirko, Maneesi, Suvilahti Helsinki

CROAK -or the unexpected joys and perils of singing

9.3.–17.2.2018 Porin Sinfonietta & Poike ry

The first long Puppet Opera in Nordic Countries

12+ / Promenadi Hall, Yrjönkatu 17, Pori, Finland

TIP-Fest 2017: Tyvenestä kerran –exhibition

15.11.–19.11.2017 Joutava Ruuhi

Sailing Boat Theatre Joutava Ruuhi has been sailing the lake Saimaa collecting stories and turning them into puppet theater performances with live music. Joutava Ruuhi is a group of three puppet theater artists: Satu Kivistö, Perrine Ferrafiat and Emma Golnick. 

1+ / TEHDAS Teatteri’s lobby

TIP-Fest 2017: Unicorn & the cutest hobby horses on the planet

19.11. Aura of Puppets

Children also have the possibility to ride an obsticle course with the most cutest hobby horses on the planet! Or why not build you own puppet?

1+, 3+ / Aurinkobaletti, Manilla (free of charge)

Stories from Other Towns

2.11.–8.11.2017 Krepsko theatre group

Amazing puppet theatre cabaret!

13+ / Lappeenranta (Satamakatu 6), TEHDAS Theatre, Turku (for adults), TEHDAS Theatre, Turku (all ages), Lavaklubi, Helsinki

TIP-Fest 2017: Big Bear

19.11. Dirty Duckling

Dirty Duckling presents The Big Bear: performance about children, bears and loneliness 

6+ / TEHDAS Theatre, Turku

TIP- Fest 2017: Catacombes

18.11.–17.11.2017 Lee Lahikainen

The set consists of an underground miniature world made of paper, shadows, surprising objects, spaces and characters - like in a pop-up book.

7+ / Manilla, Turku

TIP-Fest 2017: Rooms by the Sea

15.11.–18.11.2017 Mira Taussi

Rooms by the sea premiere take place in TIP-Fest.

8+ / Leaf Center, Turku

TIP-Fest 2017: Kehto Experimance

17.11.–18.11.2017 Kapalo -work group

Kehto is the Finnish word for cradle, and for us it is also an adult sized baby carriage made for and used in our project, Kehto Experimance. Kehto Experimance is a performance for one person at a time. In the performance the participator can give away all the sense of responsibility and dive into the […]

12+ / Manilla, Turku


4.11. Lee Lahikainen

The set consists of an underground miniature world made of paper, shadows, surprising objects, spaces and characters - like in a pop-up book.

12+ / Kirjakahvila, Turku

TIP-Fest 2017: Crab

16.11.–17.11.2017 Laura Sillanpää

Poetic and physical story where the everyday life of the woman is interrupted by the marine world that invades her appartement.

12+ / TEHDAS Theatre Vintti, Turku

TIP-Fest 2017: Block Theatre

16.11.–18.11.2017 Roosa Halme

Abstract, geometrical wooden blocks come alive in Block Theatre.

3+ / Dana hall, Turku, TEHDAS Theatre Vintti, Turku

TIP-Fest 2017: Last Day of the Year Past

17.11. TEHDAS Theatre & Dirty Duckling

Puppet theatre for adults with grotesque and poetic beauty, soulful music and fire.

13+ / Aurinkobaletti, Turku

TIP-Fest 2017: Agony of Emma Eckstein

16.11.–17.11.2017 Theatre SudenEnne

A paper theater performance about Sigmund Freud’s early patient Emma Eckstein.

16+ / Dana hall, Turku

TIP-Fest 2017: Hellion’s Spell – horror puppet mystical

18.11. Käppi - Rajala - Räikkä

The performance revolves around two pagan instruments: the puppet and the bowed lyre.

18+ / Viinatehdas, Turku

Atlas on the Other Side of the Fence

Anna Uschanov

Atlas on the Other Side of the Fence is a wanderer’s moment and a trip into the forest.


TIP-Fest 2017: Invisible Lands

16.11. Livsmedlet theatre

Geographical striptease about wanderer's journey

16+ / TEHDAS Theatre

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