Dark Matters

22.2.–2.3.2019 Teatteri Metamorfoosi
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Riina Tikkasen visuaalinen soolonäyttämöteos

16+ / Teatteri Viirus, Helsinki


Erika Malkki

Tragic comedy based on Kalevala myth


Portwine, Popcorn & Puppetry – Christmas edition

1.12.–2.12.2018 KREPSKO Theatre Group & Puppet Theatre Sampo

Portwine, Popcorn & Puppetry – Christmas edition feat. All-Glitter Band with Strings Cabaret-like event celebrating little gems of theatre, ways of serving it differently – short and sweet, as well as big and pompous. Every event of PPP collects together yet another international combination of different artists; members, guests and friends of Krepsko Theatre Group. Every […]

/ Nukketeatteri Sampo, Helsinki

TIP-Fest 2018: Hanuman Addiction Cycle


Demo showing The concept of untamed mind and the concept of behavioral/mental disorders is what Austrian based choreographer Jan Jakubal in collaboration with Finnish puppet theatre artist Niina Lindroos explore in their new work together with Czech composer Jan Čechtický and Czech light and sound designer David Vrbík.  

/ TEHDAS Teatteri

TIP-Fest 2018: Puppets Better Die!

7.11. Florian Feisel

A truly riveting performance from the studio of artist Florian Feisel.

13+ / Vanha Viinatehdas

TIP-Fest 2018: NOAHS

10.11. Aurinkobaletti & TEHDAS Teatteri

Aurinkobaletti’s and Tehdas Teatteri’s show ”Noahs” returns on stage on November to face the questions of global warming. The show masterfully combines puppetry and dance, and invites the audience to join them on a survival journey that goes from the vortex of a tidal wave out to space, and all the way from plastic sea […]

12+ / Aurinkobaletti, Aurinkobaletti

TIP-Fest 2018: Festival Club


Colourful festival club

/ TEHDAS Teatteri

TIP-Fest 2018: Heppatytöt

10.11. Kalteva Co. & Leena Harjunpää Co.

Being a horse girl is an attitude, world view and a way of life.

16+ / Vanha Viinatehdas

TIP-Fest 2018: X-rappu

11.11. Maiju Tainio & Marja Susi

What kind of weird noises are coming from your neighbor? What happens if you talk with your neighbor? X-rappu is a show about the extraordinary residents of an ordinary apartment building. The show tells us the everyday stories that happen in an ordinary house, but the truth is we all have secrets. The show is […]

1+ / Vintti-näyttämö, TEHDAS Teatteri

TIP-Fest 2018: Puppet Master

10.11. Hanna Bergholm

A lonely woman allows a man to transform her into a puppet

13+ / TEHDAS Teatterin Vintti

TIP-Fest 2018: Minä ja Nieminen feat. Petri Seppä


MINÄ JA NIEMINEN feat. PETRI SEPPÄ brings the music to Festival Club Minä ja Nieminen is a colorful electro-acoustic group from Tampere. Teemu Kiiskilä and Henrika Nieminen create the songs together with electronic and acoustic instruments. Minä ja Nieminen’s musical influences come from many sources and include brave combinations of folk, afrobeat, blues, funk and […]

/ TEHDAS Teatteri,

TIP-Fest 2018: Mytty-iltamat

8.11. Nukkehallitus

Mytty-soirée combines puppetry and folk music. The show is suitable for all folks big and small, young and old! The show is inspired by a Mytty-soirée held in Keitele at the Hamula village school in 1899. The soirée included a tableau, speech, poem, music and mail delivery. The soirées have traditionally been a product of […]

3+ / Vanha Viinatehdas

TIP-Fest 2018: Go!

9.11. Polina Borisova

Inspired by the simplicity with which extraordinary people

9+ / TEHDAS Teatteri

TIP-Fest 2018: Questions about Karelia

9.11. Timo Väntsi

Paper theatre solo brings Karelia topic to discussion.

12+ / Vintti-näyttämö, Tehdasteatteri

TIP-Fest 2018: Uutiset 2.0

7.11. Grus grus teatteri

A theatre show that tells the latest news.

13+ / Turku Finnkino, Kinopalatsi

TIP-Fest 2018: Pohjatar

7.11.–8.11.2018 Erika Malkki

Pohjatar - A physical and visual one woman tragicomedy about a woman and anger based on the Louhi myth.

13+ / TEHDAS Teatteri (premiere), TEHDAS Teatteri

TIP-Fest 2018: Gone with the Wind

10.11. Kuuma Ankanpoikanen

”With enough courage you can do without a reputation!”

/ TEHDAS Teatteri

TIP-Fest 2018: Hikoileva maapallo – Stories of our environment in the spirit of Shockheaded Peter

11.11. Kuuma Ankanpoikanen

The show deals with nature and environment through poems and rhymes in a classic Shockheaded Peter way

5+ / Manillan metsä, lähto esityspaikalle Manillan sisäpihalta

TIP-Fest 2018: Youth A Narrative

10.11. Antti-Juhani Manninen & Jouni Järvenpää

LOOK A BIRD. Youth – a Narrative is an entertaining double performance. It is formed from two solo performances that Jouni Järvenpää and Antti-Juhani Manninen have created for each other. Youth – a Narrative is a journey where nothing can be controlled. Waypoints flow their own way and sideways, things always take different amount of […]

16+ / TEHDAS Teatteri

TIP-Fest 2018: Nutcracker

8.11.–9.11.2018 Aura of Puppets & Turku Philharmonic & Turku Arts Academy

The darker original version of the story underlying Tchaikovsky’s classic ballet Nutcracker is brought to life by the Turku Philharmonic and the Aura of Puppets. In the story by E.T.A. Hoffmann, a girl named Clara has a wonderful dream on Christmas Eve, featuring giant mice and gingerbread soldiers, and also a living nutcracker. Staged here […]

9+ / Turku concert hall (SOLD OUT)

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