Väänänen, Anna-Kaisa

Puppetry artist

Anna-Kaisa Väänänen is a puppet theatre director, actress, puppeteer, performer, puppet builder, set maker and puppet-expression instructor.

Väänänen could even breathe life into a wooden stick. She has ways in which anyone can learn to do the same if they’d wish. She brings to life the objects of her imagination i.e. makes puppets and other things of that sort. She learns to recompose and to bring the invisible into visible, and to create spaces and situations on stage or into exhibitions. Väänänen directs and builds and also assists; she works as a helping eye in the puppet expression as well as spare brain in production.

Väänänen gets on stage with or without a puppet, in a mask or her face au naturel, sings and dances if desired and kindly directed. All the time she’s looking for new multidisciplinary forms and opportunities of cooperation. Today she is here, tomorrow she might already be there or somewhere else.

You can get to know Väänänen’s work profile in LinkedIn

 Väänänen is prepared to be a guide and a director. Do you want to wander to the edge of your imagination, to find the ideas lurking in the silence to be used for work, in your hobbies and as resources in your everyday life? Väänänen can be invited for many puppet theatre gatherings: courses, trainings, consultations, for work satisfaction days, clubs, parties – whatever name sounds natural to you. Väänänen travels for work and drives where the call is to. She listens for and accepts all kinds of odd jobs within her possibilities.

Possibilities of puppet theatre and point of view in different fields.
Working based on sustainable development goals.
Working and acting for the well-being of people, animals, and environment.
Artistic work based on visual arts.
Nature and wandering in it.

You may have seen Väänänen in Teatteri Kantanäky’s cabares, in the TEHDAS Teatteri or in Dirty Ducklings productions. Last she was seen doing GorillaGorilla in Oulu City Theatre.

She has accrued colorful experiences from all different kinds of temporary vacancies and workgroups. Did a puppet do you hair at the salon? Have you met Väänänen at a workshop, on a puppetry course or in her workshop in Turku’s Iso-Puolala? Did she drag puppets to your workplace for an exhibition? Memorable moments of gigs and meetings bubble from memories. For those, she is grateful while traveling towards new experiences.