Nekrassova, Anna

Puppetry artist

Anna Nekrassova is a puppeteer, graduated in 2014 from Turku Arts Academy’s puppetry line of studies and has since worked actively in the professional field of puppet theatre in Turku.

Nekrassova was born in Russia, the former city of Leningrad, to an actor family. The desire to do theatre is inherited straight from her parents. To puppet theatre she ended up by accident, but she is eternally grateful for it.

Nekrassova’s family moved to Finland when she was only 1-year-old, and although she has lived her whole life in Finland, the two cultures are strongly mixed in her. She is a combination of Slavic sensitivity, Russian temperament and Finnish sisu.

Nekrassova does puppetry, builds puppets, directs, acts, sings, dances, works as a choreographer and plays guitar. As one of her special skills she considers the ability to easily find contact to any puppet –whether it’s an ordinary object or a complicated puppet.

Nekrassova has also been called a horse expert, because during her career she has worked in a succession of productions with different horse puppets. One of them she built with her colleague in Manchester for the Right Royal Regatta –event.

During her studies Nekrassova also got to know shadow theatre and its use with and without video images, using mostly objects and human bodies. She wrote her thesis on the subject and has used shadow theatre as one of the elements in all of the projects she has directed so far.

In addition to puppet theatre Nekrassova has a strong background in dance and theatre. From the age of 4 all the way to her high school graduation she spent time at the Sky theatre for children and young people in Kiukainen. From there she continued her theatre studies at the Jamilahti community college’s line for musical theatre. Her advanced studies of dance she did in Pori at Liisa Nojonen’s dance school with her major in contemporary dance, ballet and jazz.

As a new area of expertise in the past few years Nekrassova has picked up working as a magicians assistant.

Nekrassova is interested in making as versatile shows as possible and in combining different elements and techniques: shadows, objects, puppets, bodies, music, acting… She wants to go towards a new form of puppetry without forgetting the tradition.

Nekrassova wants to take puppet theatre to places where its possibilities aren’t yet understood or where they’re not known; for example drama or even among people on the streets. She wants to open the world of puppetry and show what the profession entails. Her goal is to make puppet theatre seen and heard.

Nekrassova thinks the primary purpose is to create experiences, to move, to make someone laugh, to questions and to make the viewer think about the world and the individual people in it. To talk about one’s own pain and to intervene in global issues. To tell stories which hopefully would change the world to even a little more loving and tolerant. Into a place, where everyone is important.

– 2016 Ronja Ryövärintytär, Vaasa City Theatre. Director Fiikka Forsman.Puppeteer, puppet builder, director of puppet scenes, choreographer and actress.

– 2015 Romeo and Juliet, TEHDAS Teatteri and Aura of Puppets. Director Merja Pöyhönen. Puppeteer.

– 2015 Codex Magi, tales of a young magician, Turku Arts Academy. Director Lauri Tuhkanen. Puppeteer, puppet builder, director of puppet scenes, choreographer, set builder, and performer.

– 2015 Paleleva Elefantti, TEHDAS Teatteri. Director Alma Rajala. Puppeteer.

– 2015 Ronja Ryövärintytär, Åbo Svenska Teater. Director Fiikka Forsman. Teaching the handling of the horse puppet.

– 2014 thesis: Kirjeitä rintamalta, Turku Arts Academy. Director.