Lee Lahikainen

Catacombes is a solo paper theatre performance that flirts with the horror genre and peeks into the history of the Paris catacombs. In the 1780s, the cemeteries of Paris were becoming overcrowded and it was necessary to move millions of bones into former mines below the city.

One spectator at a time has to be brave enough to explore the passageways of the performance with only a head lamp for light. The performance is aimed at all ages, but young spectators should come accompanied by an adult.

The set consists of an underground miniature world made of paper, shadows, surprising objects, spaces and characters – like in a pop-up book.

Catacombes tells the story of a certain skeleton, exploring what remains when their bones are mixed with millions of others. The performance deals with coming to terms with death and the disintegration.

Concept, set design, puppet construction, performance: Lee Lahikainen
Sound design: Jara Pohjonen

The performance was created in residency at Cité internationale des arts, Paris.

The duration of a single performance is 7 minutes, but it can be performed repeatedly and non-stop with small breaks, as long as there is audience present

Tags: festivals performances Shows available to order
Age groups: 12+
Languages: sanaton without words
Duration: 10 min


  • 4.11.2017 0:00 / Kirjakahvila, Turku