Faun and Flora

Lahikainen - Marttila

From the table of Faun and Flora, you can find all the answer to essential questions: Can you bite a piece from bouquet? Do you have to keep your head on the top when you’re sitting on the chair? Does plants have faces? Do you have to keep your hoofs off the table? What if a tree grows through the parliament house?

With the help of whole body masks, the bodies of performers transform as mythical creatures: Faun and Flora, which have human, plants, animal, woman and man as well as everything and nothing in them at the same time. Motion is dance-like and acrobatic. Performance includes object theatre, shadow theatre, bits of Narnia and Ancient Greece and also Alice’s Wonderland.

Faun and Flora questions city culture by opening a peephole to another scene. Characters are blend ins, combinations, visible and moving statements on behalf of toleration.

Faun and Flora can be performed outside and abnormal spaces; you can order it for example to garden parties or city festivals. Content is directed for adults but its suitable for children as well.

Workgroup: Tytti Marttila ja Lee Lahikainen
Musicans: Julia Gauffin ja Annamari Ahonen
Photographs: Ami Koiranen

Tags: events festivals performances Shows available to order street theatre
Age groups: 7+
Languages: without words
Duration: 20 min


  • 25.3.2017 19:00 / Tampere, Taidetila Pelto