Lammi, Hanne

Puppetry artist

Hanne Lammi’s specialty is in street puppet theatre, puppet building and puppet handling as well as workshops.

In the future Lammi wants to do puppet theatre. Deepening of the street culture in Finland, workshops and performances for different focus group as well as doing place-based puppet theatre are meaningful to her at the moment. At the center of puppet building are local materials and scraps.

Stories, tales and all kinds of beliefs fascinate Lammi. She finds it amazing when you find something new in a familiar place or when you find something familiar in a completely new place. She finds it nice to wander around in different ways. Lammi likes to build and wonder, but also sometimes she strives for complete leisure.

-Street puppet theatre performance KAMSOT, which premiered at the Fanatik Figuras –puppet theatre festival in April 2016. Directing: Hanne Lammi and Maija Westerholm

–Puppet workshop for local young people in Circus Kampot, Cambodia in November-December 2015.The workshop included building a giant puppet and performing with the participants at the Sea Festival.

– Performance Pongo via Fin, which premiered in Kuching, Borneo, Malesia Rainforest World Puppet Carnival –festival in Novemver 2015. The performance won the Best Experiment in theatre –award. Directing: Hanne Lammi and Maija Westerholm.

– Communal street puppet theatre performance The Wishing Bird, which visited the Backstreet Festival in Alexandria, Egypt in the fall of 2014. The performance was made in cooperation with the Arts Promotion Center Finland and Roosa Halme. The performance was awarded the European Cultural Foundation travel grant. Directing: Hanne Lammi and Maija Westerholm.

– Founding of puppet theatre group Hajana with colleague Maija Westerholm in the summer 2014.