Falke, Ishmael

Director, puppeteer, actor

Ishmael Falke is puppet theatre director, performer and teacher.

Falke’s special skill in puppetry is teaching. He has taught all kinds of groups since 2003 and has also published a guide for contemporary puppet theatre as well as a collection of plays. Another one of his skills is making positional puppetry outside of theatre spaces. Among these things he directs and actively performs in puppet shows in countries from Finland all the way to Brazil, Russia and Cuba.

Falke is prepared to direct puppetry courses and workshops, to direct puppet shows in interesting and challenging spaces, and to apply puppetry to communal art projects.

Falke likes to test the boundaries of puppetry –to test, what can be animated and how. He is interested in the stories and ideas told by materials and spaces, conflicts as well as dismantling and re-building of old and familiar stories. With his performances he likes to take a stand and express his opinions on current topics, and to affect where this world is going by means of art.


– Arts Award from the Arts Promotion Center Finland (Southwest Finland region) in 2012

– Best performance of the year -award for a performance directed by Falke at the Mistrz Uzc international competition for professional puppetry in Poland 2006

– State’s Artist -grant 2014

– Six month artist grants 2015–2016

– Degrees in Finland and abroad 2005–2016

– Guide to contemporary puppetry 2011


Tags: director performer puppeteer teacher