The Big Bear

Kuuma Ankanpoikanen

”When I’m sad or scared, the Big Bear arrives. The Big Bear isn’t afraid of anything.”

The puppet theatre Dirty Duckling presents the world with the Big Bear. The performance explores a child’s feelings of loneliness and being an outsider through the mediums of object and contemporary theatre. There will be over fifty teddy bears, star constellations, a bear expert, hibernation, bear stories and one Really Big Bear.

But not to worry, we also tell you what to do, if you encounter a bear!


Director: Suvi Auvinen
On stage: Lotta Virtanen and Riina Tikkanen
Production: Puppet theater Dirty Duckling


Dirty Duckling
+358 44 027 9840

Tags: Shows available to order
Age groups: 6+ 6+
Languages: suomi
Duration: 45 min