Hallantie, Laura

Puppet builder, performer

Laura Hallantie is Turku-based puppeteer. Hallantie graduated from Turku Arts Academy’s puppetry line of study in 2009, after which she has worked as a freelancer.

In the last few years Hallantie has focused especially on puppet building. She finds it intriguing creating new characters and how they come to life on stage. The appearance of the puppet, the materials and the movement are important starting points for her work. In addition to puppet building, Hallantie has experience in puppetry and performing as well as directing.

Hallantie wants to develop her skills in the puppetry field through different projects and performances, also as a puppeteer and a director. Also all kinds of puppet building projects and orders fascinate her. You can order puppets from her also for television, movies and commercials. Interests as a person Hallantie is calm and observant. Her hobbies include family-life and wandering in the nature, and she dreams of her own garden. She is interested in movies, beautiful objects, comic situations and colourful people, because all of them feeds her imagination.



Hallantie has built puppets for several different productions, for example the followings; Paleleva elefantti, Münä and Noiduttu leikki, which all premiered at TEHDAS Teatteri.

She has also custom made puppets, for example, for Reetta Honkakoski’s solo performance Duetto yhdelle, for which she made a human-sized rabbit puppet. She also made a dear’s head puppet for YLE TV2’s Uusi päivä –tv-series.

Some of her important works as a performer have been AKHE: Engineering Theatre’s production Abduction of Europa at the Samppalinna outdoor pool as well as productions directed by Anna Ivanova-Brashinskava, in which Hallantie has worked both as a puppeteer and a performer.