Sillanpää, Laura

Puppetry artist

Laura Sillanpää is a 35-year-old puppeteer, who studies creative writing and literature studies at Turku University. She has done more puppetry in France than in Finland. At the moment she is preparing a solo performance called Rapu (Crab).

Sillanpää has worked as a puppeteer, actor and puppet builder with different groups and artists such as Edouard Baer, Le Théatre de Jarnisy, Tohu Bohu Théâtre in Strasbourg, Eric de Sarria in Paris and Le Théâtre de l’Illusia in Normandy. She has also written for puppet theatres. As a puppeteer and actor she has enjoyed especially working as one of the members of Yngvild Aspeli’s Cie Plexus Polaire -group. In Turku she also works as one of Sairaalaklovnit ry’s hospital clowns in the Hospital District of Southwest Finland. Specialty Table puppets, dramaturgy, movement, dance, writing, building, acting and puppetry, yoga, creative games.

Sillanpää is prepared for everything, because she is versatile, fears nothing, limber both in body and mind, she can do puppetry, act, write and build. She also has a big heart, warm hands and a great sense of humor to offer. She’s also happy to direct creative workshops in which body, words, different materials and objects combine.

Sillanpää is interested in what it’s like to be a human being and a woman in this world, surviving, yoga, meditation, multiculturalism, tolerance, wombats, mental and physical well-being, community, beauty, alpacas, colors, light, crying and laughing in the same situation.


-A solo “Fastoche” written for Pierre Tual (la Cie le Tas de Sable Ches Panses Vertes) in 2014. Directing: Tual and Yngvild Aspeli.

-One of the drama writers in Mache Tes Mots –les Marionnettes sortent de leur reserve –project in 2014. Organizers: Ches Panses Vertes

–theatre group from Amiens. -One of the writers and actors in the performance ”Wanted Calamity Jane” in 2012-2013. Directing: Sarah Lascar. “Wanted Calamity Jane” was a order from Théâtre Elabore.

-Workshop directing in Northern France in 2012 for special needs kids in secondary school and for an unemployed women’s group; communal art projects and making puppetry known in the countryside as well as organizing puppetry themed theatrical dances. Organizing: Ches Panses Vertes –theatre group in cooperation with le Collectif Grand Réservoir –collective.

-Puppeteer-actor in Signaux – Signaler. Directing: Y. Aspeli, Cie Plexus Polaire –theatre group. Performance toured in Norway, France, Lithuania, Switzerland and Germany 2009-2010.

-”Dans les bras de la mer” was her master’s thesis in 2008 for the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts de la Marionnette –puppetry school, which she graduated with diploma of puppetry (DMA).