Virtanen, Lotta

Puppetry artist

Lotta Virtanen is a drama instructor graduated from Turku Arts Academy in 2007. Since her graduation she has worked as a freelance-puppeteer.

Performs – with and without puppets.
Costumes – for people, puppets, crew or even a giant elf.
Staging – indoors and outdoors.
Builds – puppets, costumes and accessories.
Props – for shows, film or photography shoots, decorations, builds puppet exhibitions and also directs different arts and craft workshops.

Virtanen is ready an open for all kinds of new cooperation suggestions. She is a versatile professional and isn’t afraid to take on a new challenges. She performs with her prepared performances and also likes to practice a new ones. She directs workshops, designs and executes visual ensembles, sews, builds, brainstorms and organizes.


Virtanen has always been interested in all kinds of creative work. She loves to solve problems, compare and find things, and the moment when things fall into place, whether it’s internalising the character, sewing a seam, doing props for an open-air theatre or choosing the materials for an arts and craft workshop.

Virtanen is deft and imaginative. She likes to sew and bake, clear colors, arts and crafts, cuddling cats and to take care of a garden. Ecology and recycling, equality among people and animals as well as well-being and self-improvement are things important to her. She wants to make entertaining yet moving art.

– Experienced performer: has performed in several different performances and events with puppets (e.g. Romeo & Juliet, Paleleva Elefantti) and without (e.g. Gorilla Gorilla) .
–Versatile experience in the field: she has worked in several roles in different productions; as a stager, dresser and exhibition coordinator, among many other things.
– Several performances in festivals both nationally and abroad: e.g. Tallinn Teater Treff, Oulu theatre festival for young audiences, Helsinki Festival, Tampere theatre festival and Hurraa! and MasQue festivals.

– Has directed several workshops: different arts and crafts workshops as well as puppetry workshops for both kids and grownups.

– Winning the national puppetry competition: has won the puppetry competition with her crew in 2008, 2010 and 2012.

– Memberships: Dirty Duckling, board of Aura of Puppets, TEHDAS Teatteri