Mäkinen, Nanna

Puppetry artist

Nanna Mäkinen  was born in Hollola in 1986 in the day of Runeberg. She has studied to become an interior textile artisan (2002-2005) and puppeteer (AMK, 2005-2009). She lives in Turku and her way of life is art/puppetry/theatre.

Improvisation with puppets, producing material and ideas, quick internalizing of the character, use and balancing of space, surprising herself, enjoying performing and puppetry.

Mäkinen is prepared to try, to learn and to invent new and even impossible things. She is prepared to go past her own limits and to test other people’s limits too, to do puppetry with anything and to build even a giant dinosaur or a small…whatever. You can ask her, and you can challenge her.

Mäkinen is interested in jumping to the unknown. “To re-invent the wheel”. To stare at crime television series on screen.

– Laboratorio Kinski: directed live, multiartistic, improvised laboratory performance. Directing: Jaakko Lilja, Toni Kandelin. As a performer with and without a puppet.

– Unicorn –giant puppet. Idea and execution: crew. Puppet builder and puppeteer.

– Linnanjuhlat: improvised performance based on Franz Kafka’s work The Castle. Directing: Tommi Silvennoinen. As a performer.

– Romeo & Julia: puppet theatre for adults. Directing: Merja Pöyhönen. As a puppeteer; characters Balthasar-dog and Angelika-wench.

– Gorilla Gorilla: silent mask- and puppet theatre performance for the whole family. Dirty Duckling. As a costumier.

– Heideken: full mask- and visual theatre performance. Directing: Lauri Rautiainen. As a performer; role of a midwife (masked character).