Hellion’s Spell

Käppi – Rajala – Räikkä

“As an unchristened and an unblessed man will, he takes the skull from his elder’s remains, the bony face alone. Goes to the woods at sabbath dawn before sunrise and comes through that fire naked and places the bony face against his own so that his eyes are seen through the eyeholes. . .”

Hellion’s Spell consists of puppetry and sound art, rough ritual and electronic incantation. This visual and nearwordless production revolves around two pagan instruments: the puppet and the bowed lyre. The sparse elements form a firm magic circle that draws from the tangibility of olden beliefs.

Dramaturgy: Pekko Käppi, Alma Rajala ja Nadja Räikkä
Music and musician: Käppi
Direction and performer: Rajala
Visuals and lights: Räikkä
Puppet: Heini Maaranen
Graphic design, photos, trailer: Jussi Virkkumaa

+358503516436 /Alma Rajala

Tags: Shows available to order
Age groups: 18+
Languages: sanaton suomi
Duration: 45 min