Puranen, Tiina

Puppetry artist

Tiina Puranen  has graduated as a director from the Turku School of Art and Communications(Tutvo) in 1997 from the drama line of study. At the moment she studies at the Turku Arts Academy multiform training to become an drama instructor. She is also a personal trainer.

At the moment Puranen is focused on directing and creating her own business. In the future she plans on combining the fields of theatre and sports.

– Worked as a free artist since graduating from Tutvo.

– Launched the bilingual theatre RahtiTeatteri/FraktTeatern together with Heidi Frediksson in 2009. The name has since been changed to Frakt.

– Has produced several performances over the years and mainly toured with them.

– Has taught and trained people of all ages, done applied theatre, has act, sing, build puppets and organized exhibitions.