TIP-Fest 2018: Pohjatar

Erika Malkki

Tragicomedy about a woman and anger

Pohjatar is a woman whose body has shriveled by the anger she has carried for years. She is alienating herself to build a wall between herself and the world, however that wall doesn’t stop Pohjatar’s own demons from meddling in.

This physical and visual one woman show interprets the story of Kalevala’s Louhi, the matriarch of Pohjola, the bringer of death and disease. At the centre of the story is the mystical device Sampo which is stolen from Louhi during a battle. Sampo is the origin of life and wealth, operated by Louhi who has also been named as the harlot of Pohjola. Kalevala’s men all desire the Sampo, and as a result of the battle the device is destroyed.

Acrobatic and dance-like movements are combined with puppetry and theatrical metaphors, telling the strong and hopeful story of a woman who attempts to recognize and survive her feelings of anger that were caused by sexual violence.

Viewer discretion advised.


Work group:

Writing, direction and action: Erika Malkki
Sound design: Aino Lehtovaara
Costume design: Anette Ahokas
Technician: Jukka Haataja


Festival premiere!

Tags: Tip-Fest
Age groups: 13+
Languages: sanaton
Duration: n. 1 h


  • 7.11.2018 17:30 / TEHDAS Teatteri (premiere)
  • 8.11.2018 19:00 / TEHDAS Teatteri
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