Aura of Puppets

Always be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn! If you can be a unicorn, be as big as possible!

As big as possible, as cute as possible, as sparkly as possible and an impossibly kissable unicorn, ready to receive new friends!


Crew: Maiju Tainio, Nanna Mäkinen, Lee Lahkainen, Jutta Lahtinen and Outi Sippola
Building assistance: Iiro Numminen and Joonas Kankare

Unicorn is a giant puppet carried out for Ruisrock in the summer 2016. Available for events and festivals.

Price: from 1500 €
Space: The Unicorn is best fitted for outdoor events and large open spaces.
Size: Unicorn’s height at the withers is approx. 180cm and length from horn to tail roughly 3m.

Ilona Numminen
+358 40 460 4851

Tags: events festivals Shows available to order street theatre
Age groups: 3+
Languages: sanaton without words
Duration: 20 min