Turku International Puppetry Festival TIP -Fest celebrates 10th anniversary!

The festival celebrates the 10th anniversary and the development of the professional puppetry arts scene in Finland. Finnish puppetry scene has grown and secured its status with diverse and strong collaboration between all the artists.

This year’s TIP-Fest aknowledges this voluminous development and presents different stories and fairytales on growth. The programme showcases productions from Russia, France, Austria and Czech Republic as well as Finland. Works presented at the festival offer a wide range of material and techniques of contemporary puppetry and visual theatre – paper theatre, shadow puppet theatre, humanettes, hand puppets and object manipulation, to name a few.

Festival’s opening performance will be Anna Ivanova’s spectacle Daleko Daleko (“Far away”) with 14 performers from Russia. Ivanova has held a remarkable role in the development of puppetry art scene in Finland – as a teacher of the Turku Arts Academy’s puppetry programme and also as the artistic director of the first organized TIP-Fest 10  years ago.

Most performances are directed for adult audiences  but the programme also includes performances for adolescents, kids and even for babies.

All performances with all the information below!

Tickets for performances at Turku City Theatre available already on June 11th!

The festival is produced by TIP Connection Association. In collaboration with Aura of Puppets Association.

Artistic directors for TIP-Fest are Roosa Halme, Anna Nekrassova and Outi Sippola.

In collaboration:
TEHDAS Theatre, City of Turku, Seikkailupuisto, Opetuskoti Mustikka, Turku City Theatre, Foundation Pro Manilla, Aurinkobaletti

Supported by:
Arts Promotion Centre Finland, City of Turku, Turku Theatre Foundation, Ministry for Culture and Education, Foundation Pro Manilla, Institut finlandais – TelepART Mobility Support


KE / WED 6.11.

1800 Nukke Irti -kulkue | Lähtö kaupungintalon takaa

1900 TIP-Festin avajaiset | Manillan sisäpiha

2000 Bolshoy Puppet Theatre: Daleko Daleko | Manilla – Aurinkobaletti 

TO / THU 7.11. 

1000 Nukketeatteri Luuviulu: Mies, joka halusi nähdä koko maailman | Turun Seikkailupuisto

1900 Aura of Puppets & Turun kaupunginteatteri: Nälkä | Turun Kaupunginteatteri – Sopukka-näyttämö

1900 TEHDAS Teatteri: Afganistan 100 Years of Interdependence | Manilla – TEHDAS Teatterin vintti  

2000 Osobnyak Company: Gerda’s Room | Manilla – Aurinkobaletti 


PE / FRI 8.11. 

1900 TEHDAS Teatteri: Erittäin Hyvä Ystäväni Paroni von MünchhausenTurun Kaupunginteatteri – Sopukka-näyttämö

1900 TEHDAS Teatteri: Afganistan 100 Years of Interdependence | Manilla – TEHDAS Teatterin vintti  

2100 Maija Westerholm: Dating Mr. C | Manilla – TEHDAS Teatteri 

Elinan keittiössä – keskustelu Tehtaan lämpiössä | Manilla – TEHDAS Teatteri

LA / SAT 9.11. 

1100 Nukketeatteri Reaktori: Unipuu | Manilla – Danasali

1500 Tulevaisuus -seminaari | Manilla – Vanha Viinatehdas 

1830 Yellow Buyo: Hanuman Addiction Cycle | Manilla – TEHDAS Teatteri

2000 Cie Juste Aprés: MUE | Manilla – Aurinkobaletti 

2100 Aura of Puppets & Turun kaupunginteatteri: Nälkä | Turun Kaupunginteatteri – Sopukka-näyttämö

Festivaaliklubi! | Manilla – TEHDAS Teatteri + Vanha Viinatehdas 

SU / SUN 10.11. 

1100 Nukketeatteri Reaktori: Unipuu | Turun Seikkailupuisto

1400 Nurinpäin kollektiivi: Zhium Querqus Baccu -Toivomussiemen | Halisten nuorisotila -Huudi | Gregorius IX:n tie 8, 20540 Turku 

1500 Nukketeatteri Reaktori: Unipuu | Turun Seikkailupuisto

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Tickets for performances to be seen in Manilla culture factory by Aura of Puppets’ Holvi- web shop!
Reservation and questions: info@auraofpuppets.com
Prices: 22/17 € and  Festival pass 60/50€

Turku City Theatre Sopukka stage, tickets: 27/25/17 €:
NÄLKÄ 7. ja 9.11.

TEHDAS Theatre’s own program 22/20/17 €:
Afganistan 100 -esitys 7.-8.11.

Performances in Seikkailupuisto, tickets: 5 and 8 €
Nukketeatteri Luuviulu: Mies joka halusi nähdä koko maailman 7.11. klo 10
Nukketeatteri Reaktori: Unipuu 10.11. klo 11 ja 15


Box office takes place in Manilla.
Opening hours: 
Wednesday 6.11. at 17-20 
Thursday 7.11. at 18-20
Friday 8.11. at 18-21
Saturday 9.11. at 10-11 and 18-21 


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