Halme, Latvala, Kultala, Sippola: THE BIRDS

Premiere 2022

The Birds is a puppet theatrical study of birds. The performance mirrors the life and the existence of birds through absurdity and abstraction. The performance does this through different perspectives in relation to nature, climate change, history and the different perceptions humans have held of birds at different times.

Performance wants to awake the awareness around the subject of the birds, pay attention to the uniqueness and the necessity of the birds, discuss the change in the ecosystem and reflect the future.

We feel it is important to create The Birds now, when climate change affects the ecosystem of the entire planet. The amount of the endangered bird species grows and the amount of the bird population decreases. Zooming into the life of birds gives a profound look to what is going on in our entire ecosystem.

Before the 2022 rehearsal period, we will work in several shorter periods based on the idea of artists in residency. These periods consist of excursions, discussions, collecting as well physical as sound material, material experiments, visual design, writing and getting familiar with the history and research data of the subject. PhD Elina Mäntylä, specialized in bird research, participates the project as the scientific mentor.

Working group:
Roosa Halme, Johanna Latvala, Johanna Kultala, Outi Sippola

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