Väyrynen, Hilla

Puppet builder, composer

Hilla Väyrynen is a composer and a puppet builder. She sheds the pieces of plastic from her clothes and stares at the computer with a focused look while wearing her headphones. In other words she builds puppets and composes music for puppet theatre. She also arranges, plays, sings and mixes. She plans, draws, cuts, glues, molds and paints.

Väyrynen makes music mostly with the help of a piano, human voice and computer, making use of the different samples and sound effects. The music varies from melodic piano compositions to collage-like sound stages and humoristic camps. You can turn to her if you need a versatile music maker for your performance.

As a puppet builder Väyrynen likes detailed work. She is prepared for work that requires groomed details and technical inventiveness.

Väyrynen graduated from Turku University for Applied Sciences’ puppetry line in studies in 2010 and she has worked in puppetry since then.
Examples of her work

– Gorilla Gorilla (dir. Dirty Duckling, Oulu City Theatre, 2016), as a performer and composer-musician.

– Sarah Kane: 4.48 Psykoosi (dir. Johanna Latvala, TEHDAS teatteri, 2015), as a composer-musician.

– Agatha, with Love (dir. Merja Pöyhönen, TEHDAS teatteri, 2014), as a puppet builder. – Big Bear (dir. Suvi Auvinen, Barker-theatre, 2012), as a puppet builder.

– Kekkonen Kekkonen Kekkonen (dir. Dirty Duckling, 2011), as a performer and puppet builder.