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Festival venues 2022

Festival venues Manilla (Vanha Viinatehdas, Dana stage, Manilla-teatteri and TEHDAS Theatre): Itäinen Rantakatu 64 Turku City Theatre: Itäinen Rantakatu 14 Åbo Svenska Teater: Eerinkinkatu 13 Barker-theatre: Linnankatu 31 Seikkailupuisto Timantti-teatteri: Kupittaankatu 2

Performance languages

Most of the festival performances are without words and can be understood without knowing any Finnish.  Each performance info contains also languages used in the performance. Artist talks Drinks with Elina: Finnish and English


All festival venues are wheelchair accessible. Manilla culture factory (Itäinen Rantakatu 64) all toilets are gender neutral and there is a wheelchair accessible toilet in each venue (Tehdas Teatteri, Manilla-teatteri (Aurinkobaletti) Vanha Viinatehdas and Dana-sali). Manillan sisäpihalle voi parkkeerata maksutta liikkumisesteisen pysäköintitunnuksella varustetulla ajoneuvolla. TEHDAS Teatteriin and Manilla-theater are accessed through the same door. The main entrance is accessible via a wide ramp. When using the ramp, you may need an assistant. Personal assistants are welcome free of charge.  There is an accessible toilet located next to the main entrance, clear pathways and a ramp for wheelchairs to the mainstage. Our small stage Vintti has an accessible entrance via Vilhonkatu. The door is 900 mm wide and has a doorstep. The pathway is 810 mm wide from the narrowest point. The space does not have an induktion loop. If you use a wheelchair or have any questions about accessibility, please be in contact in advance. Phone 050 412 2344 (Mondays to Fridays from 10-15) or by email: Note: The courtyard is covered with asphalt and is quite steep. There is an accessible parking in the courtyard. Manilla’s Vanhalle Viinatehdas and Dana-sali are situated on the left when entering the courtyard. They are wheelchair accessible. More info: kari.salovaara(at), tel. (02) 235 8969, weekdays from 8 am to 4 pm. Turun Kaupunginteatteri / Sopukka A limited amount of wheelchair friendly seats ate available for each performance. Customers using wheelchairs should book a seat well in advance by dialing 02 262 0030 or by contacting our sales team via e-mail: All theatre auditoriums are equipped with infrared technologies capable of transmitting an assistive listening audio signal. More info from Seikkailupuisto Timantti-theatre is situated in a park See more about how to get there and accessibility from Seikkailupuisto website. Wheelchair-friendly tickets are available, assistants free of charge. Please note that the pathways in the park are soft sand that causes difficulties when operating a wheelchair. More info about festival accessibility: producerLotta Valtanen: / 041 486 1222