Aura of Puppets  network consists of nearly 70 independent professionals who work both different artistic disciplines.

We are happy to mediate the expertise of our artist-memebers wheter the need is in performances, artistic consulting, directing, scenography or education.

Contact Aura of Puppet’s puppetry agent Sanna Soni, sanna@auraofpuppets.com.

Some of our artists:

Jonnakaisa Risto

Actor, screenwriter, puppet artist Jonnakaisa is interested in grotesque and

Pia Kalenius

Director, performer, puppet builder, costume designer and mask maker Pia

Aati Hanikka

Director, puppeteer, performer, scriptwriter Aati Hanikka enjoys being a director

Elviira Davidow

Shadow theater artist, performer, storyteller, director, dance and puppet theater

Outi Sippola

Director, performer, screenwriter, dramaturg Outi Sippola is a theatre maker

Timo Väntsi

Director, performer, puppet builder, screenwriter, teacher Timo Väntsi (b. 1966)

Alma Rajala

Director, performer, writer Alma Rajala is an original and multifaceted director

Mira Taussi

Director, actress, instructor Mira Taussi is a puppet and object

Antti Tuominen

Actor, puppeteer, mover, director, teacher Actor, puppeteer, mover, director, teacher

Niina Lindroos

Director, puppeteer, performer In her puppet making, Niina Lindroos favours

Elena Rekola

Performer, teacher, musician, activist Elena Rekola is a puppet theatre

Maija Westerholm

Director, performer, puppet constructor, visual designer, teacher, workshops As an

Joele Solinas

Director, performer, puppet constructor, scenographer, playwright, dramaturge, teacher, workshops, musician

Iida Vanttaja

Performer, puppet constructor, scenographer, visual designer, playwright, dramaturge, workshop instructor

Hilla Väyrynen

A theatrical composer specialized in puppet theatre, sound maker, one