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Maija Westerholm

Director, performer, puppet constructor, visual designer, teacher, workshops

As an artist Maija Westerholm is most of all a performer. She has also gained experience in puppet constructing and in directing. In her latest productions she has been constructing puppets for her own solo performance and directed object theater for childrens’ show. Westerholm has also kept puppet manipulation, construction and object theater courses and workshops in Finland and abroad for people of various ages and backgrounds. Her previous profession as a practical nurse specialized in mental health and substance abuse strengthens her professional skills to also work with non-theater professionals.

Westerholm is a puppeteer and a physical theater artist gratuated from Turku Arts Academy as a Bachelor of Performing Arts. She has performed in productions e.g. of Tehdas Theater and Grus Grus Theater and also worldwide in Malaysia and in Egypt. Westerholm has also worked as a visiting puppet constructor at Joensuu City Theater. She has complited physical theater studies and workshops in the fields of clownery and mask theater with the quidance of many leading artists in these fields. Westerholms main interest is to combine puppetry elements with physical comedy and clowning.

Instagram: @maiweste
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