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Iida Vanttaja

Performer, puppet constructor, scenographer, visual designer, playwright, dramaturge, workshop instructor

I am known best as a puppet designer, but I am thrilled if I have opportunity to create whole universes where the puppets live and act. Besides making puppets, I am a scenographer, script-writer, director and performer. I make puppets by order for solo-artists, groups and theaters. I also tour in Finland and abroad with my own plays. I teach making puppets in different venues and arrange workshops for all levels. Applied arts interests me in pedagogical context. I have been working with special groups as people with disabilities, dementia and people with neurological problems. I have been working at the field for 25 years so I may be called as a veteran-puppet artist!

Iida Vanttaja Puppet theatre artist, scenographer, teacher. Born in Oulu in 1966. Lives in Helsinki. Education: Aalto University: Department of scenography, Master of Arts 2006 Apprenticeship training: Puppet designer/ carpenter 1966 Valtion askartelunohjaajaopisto 1991 Artschool of Kankaanpää 1989 Art school of Liminka 1986