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Pia Kalenius

Director, performer, puppet builder, costume designer and mask maker

Pia Kalenius  is an expereinced all-round puppet theater artist from Turku. She graduated from Turku Arts Academy Puppet Theatre department 2003. Kalenius has worked as an director, designer, script writer, puppeteer and puppet maker in numerous shows on freelancer field  as well as city theatres since 2003. In her work Kalenius is specially interested about relationship between puppet and a puppeteer, life vs lifeless, visual storytelling and the otherness and uncanniness of the puppet.

Kalenius intends to focus in particular on the design and construction of puppets and oddities (props and sets), as well as costume design, in particular various masks. Kalenius is one of the Turku Puppetry pioneers, reciliant and hard working visioner, who has been building new Finnish Puppetry movement from the start. 

Translation results Select target language. Currently selected: English Glossary Kalenius is easily inspired and committed. She likes to learn new things and enjoys working in a group, although he also values autonomy and self-direction. For Kalenius, family, friends, experiences, humour and the ability to look far into the horizon are precious and irreplaceable. Children are particularly important and interesting people to her.