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Alma Rajala

Director, performer, writer

Alma Rajala is a visionary puppetry director and puppeteer, who is experienced in both children’s and adult’s theatre. She combines puppetry with different art forms, such as dance and sound art, ambitiously creating her own theatrical language in which philosophical contents encounter objects, puppets and bodies. She is interested in poetry on stage, and an associating  poem-like dramaturgy. One of the lates examples of this associative dramaturgy is performance called Extinction Paradise that premiered in 2021. It was strongly co-created with a poet Reetta Niemelä who wrote the script,. As well as with the whole designing group.

Rajala is at her best in inviting interesting artists to work with her and co-creating visual, meaningful images and strong atmospheres. Lately she has been working as an artistic director of a huge immersive and site-specific spectacle Huoneiden kirja (The Book of Rooms), that had it’s premiere in August 2021. The work, basing on a whole poetry book by Saila Susiluoto, combined work of 130 artists into 64 rooms in a large industrial building and its surroundings in Turku city centre. Huoneiden kirja was one of the biggest immersive theatre events in Finland and was acclaimed by audience and critics.

Alma Rajala has also performed in many contemporary puppetry shows using  different tools from puppet manipulation to dance and drama theatre acting. Rajala is an active member of puppetry artists’ network Aura of Puppets. She keenly takes partakes in the discussions on contemporary puppetry in Finland and writes articles about puppetry on different platforms.