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Mira Taussi

Director, actress, instructor

Mira Taussi is a puppet and object theatre artist who has worked as a director, actress and instructor both in institutional theatres and in as part of independent professional groups. Taussi has worked among other things as a puppet and object theatre director in Tampere Workers’ Theatre and as a puppet theatre artist and actress in Theatre Mukamas, Tampere. Taussi has graduated as a puppet theatre artist (BA) from the Arts Academy at Turku University of Applied Sciences in 2016.

Taussi’s main interest and field of spezialisation in performing arts is visual theatre. She has developed in collaboration with director-actor Mikko Bredenberg a style of visual theatre that has aroused interest both in Finland and internationally. For example Taussi’s and Bredenberg’s Rooms by the Sea -performance has been described as original, impressive and magical.