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Elviira Davidow

Shadow theater artist, performer, storyteller, director, dance and puppet theater teacher, puppet builder

Elviira Davidow has both studied and worked extensively in the fields of art as a puppet theater artist, community artist and teacher.

n her performances, she has delved especially into the utilization of physical theater, dance, shadow theater and folk traditions, and often uses various forms of poetry singing in her performances, e.g. crying singing and spells.

Since 2009, the themes of her performances have often addressed inequality in society as well as human rights. Although Davidow describes herself as a mediator of good stories as a rule, she also considers herself a political artist.

Recently, she has also worked on several projects combining science and art. She is therefore interested in presentations in which the topics can be immersed in collaboration with experts in various fields.

She is an intense performer and director who listens to her audience, a teacher who loves to care for her field, and a community artist with a passion for things. She already knows a lot about her field and is an experienced and confident performer.