Experimental puppetry duo

Livsmedlet is an experimental puppetry duo, which has been active since 2011, mostly in Turku, but also with guest performances around Finland, Sweden, Israel, the Netherlands, Spain, Cuba, Norway, Russia, Czech Republic and England. The duo is formed by puppeteer Ishmael Falke and choreographer-dancer Sandrina Lindgren. Light designer in most of Livsmedlet’s shows is Jarkko Forsman and sound designer Niklas Nybom.

Livsmedlet is a swedish word meaning groceries. It reflects the duo’s views on theatre making; they make performances about themes that are vital, but at the same time commonplace, the basic supplies for life. In order to change the views on everyday life and reality, they combine the means of object- and physical theatre and often choose materials and ways of storytelling that are unusual and unprecedented in puppetry.


In addition to producing performances Livsmedlet has taught professional and amateur groups in different countries and they provide workshops in puppetry and for people interested in both visual and physical theatre.

Nystet (2011)

TraFika (2012)

Dead Ends – the Art of Urban Animation (2013)

Näkymättömät maat (2015)

Zen Gangster Blues (2015)