Sippola, Outi

Puppetry artist

Outi Sippola relates to her profession with passion and gets easily excited over new ideas.

Sippola’s specialties include performance, dramaturgical concepts, international experience and organization.

Sippola is ready to tour around with her performances, to write more, to study and to learn more, orientate to festival organization even more, to direct a performance and to perform.

Sippola is interested in traveling, horses, nature, stories, adventures and the holistic development of one’s own well-being.


– Performer in Johanna Latvala’s performance 4.48 Psykoosi,

–Six month grant from The Arts Promotion Center Finland (South-West Finland), 2014

– TIP-Fest artistic directing for third of the year, 2014.

– 28 shows in Sydney Opera house, 2012.

– The championship in a national puppet theatre competition with performance Pixy, 2008.

– Solo performance Mummo (Grandma) at Charleville Meziérès puppet theatre festival, 2006.