Pöyhönen, Merja

Director, performer

Merja Pöyhönen is a full-time puppeteer. She has graduated from puppetry school in 2005 after which she has worked purely in puppet theatre.

Primarily Pöyhönen is a director and performer. She has directed small and large-scale productions, artistically challenging herself –and others. Her performer educations is formed from both puppet theatre and physical theatre, but besides movement she also enjoys talking. Also dramaturgy and writing have started to interest her increasingly. She is very puppet and puppetry central, and even though she enjoys combining elements from different forms of art, she considers standing up for the art of puppet theatre to be her strength.

Pöyhönen is prepared to direct, to educate and to consult on puppetry, especially regarding puppetry and performing. She is physically able, has a sense of rhythm, is a productive performer and is always ready to perform, with and without a puppet. She’s happy to talk, write and analyse, which leads to interest to represent puppet theatre in different seminars or panels.

Both by nature and in her work Pöyhönen is absolutely nice. She strives to understand different viewpoints and reasons behind them – even to a point of annoyance. She is bad at making decisions. Pöyhönen has a fun sense of humor and she likes people.


– Critics Spurs of Finnish Critics association 2011.

– Suuruudenhullua Shakespearea nukeilla (Megalomaniac Shakesperare with puppets) -trilogy dramatizing and directing: Myrsky 2013, Romeo & Julia 2015, Prinsessa Hamlet 2017.

– All the performances she has been a part of.

– Aura of Puppets’ board president 2015-

– 3-year grant from the Arts Promotion Center Finland 2016–2018.

– Original member of Dirty Duckling!!!!

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