Laura Sillanpää & Janna Haavisto: THE MENSTRUATION CABARET

The Menstruation Cabaret is a show that talks about shame, menstrual blood and the power of sexuality. It will have its premiere in February 2022.

It will combine the art of clownery with the art of puppetry. The show will treat its delicate subject matter in a vulnerable, funny and touching way. The performance will open some of the many myths and the multiple beliefs linked to the topics of sexuality and the menstrual cycle.

There is a trace of blood on the floor. Who has done it?
The clowns on stage will discover and uncover the mysteries of blood during the show. The performance will consist of cabaret numbers where the clowns will meet a dusty old pussy relic, sing a tango about “the curse” and ponder on the differences between pussies and penises.


The use of humour will allow the show to treat the delicate subject matter. Puppet theatre allows to have imaginative solutions eg. talking body parts or a choreography of blood streams. Puppetry makes it possible to easily change scales from the macro to micro worlds: puppets can bring on stage different scales from ovaries to galaxies. The language of puppetry on stage can be both scientifically detailed and poetically

Behind the blood
Behind the willingness to do this show, is a wish to create a world, where talking about sexuality and about the sacredness of menstrual blood, is not a taboo. I can feel in my body, mind and spirit, how much space and freedom is created by letting myself explore and express my sexuality in a liberated way. I want to create a theatrical space where others – at least in their imagination – can do the same.

There is a lot of shame and a fair amount of fear that are connected to the topics of menstruation and sexuality. This performance is born out of a wish to shed off part of those layers of shame and fear. Menstruation is not something that is only for girls, but it actually has to do with everyone. Without menstrual blood, there would not be a single person here.

This show wants to celebrate the sacredness of menstruation and the holiness of sexuality. This performance talks about the power of the blood and the power of our animal bodies.

Premiere in February 2022

Script, puppets, direction: Laura Sillanpää
On stage: Janna Haavisto, Laura Sillanpää
Light design: Timo Ollila
Animation: Kari Pieskä
Music: Roosa Halme
Sexual therapist/consultation: Hanna Lasonen
Logo design: Oona Leinovirtanen

Age group: 11 years and up
Language: Finnish, English, Swedish (subtitles possible also eg. in French)


The crew on tour:
Min. 3 persons (two actors and a technician)
The set: The set is not yet defined but the intention is to make it fit in to a few m2 for shipping abroad or to be fitted into a van with which the whole crew can travel to closer destinations in Europe.
The minimum amount of time to set up/take down: 4 hours build up and 2 hrs take down (these are still estimations at this stage of the creation)
The light design: We will have with us some special light equipment but we will need some light projectors for the theatre version of the show

There will be two versions of the show available. Technically the version for theatre spaces will need more light gear and more space. The technically lighter version will do with less. In general, the show works on medium sized stages, but it can be adapted to smaller spaces, even to class room circumstances. The minimum stage size is 5 m x 5 m but the preferred stage size varies from 7,5 m x 10 m to 10 m x 20 m.

The artists are willing to have an open discussion about the themes of the show after the performance; this can be included in the show. There is also an option to organize a workshop or a panel discussion after the performance about the periodical taboos and about sexuality. The workshop will be planned together with the sexual therapist Hanna Lasonen.