Teater Håndholdt & Nordic Puppet Ambassadors: The Hermit

August 2023, Turku

The Hermit is an immersive outdoor performance for one puppet, one performer and one spectator. It is a performance about the urge to disappear from the society, to find peace in nature and to be alone. It is a meditative experience for young people and adults. The performance has been inspired by the life of a Danish hermit, Christian Vandet Jørgensen.

The performace premiered 26 June 2022 in Roskilde, Denmark and is made for touring and it will be seen in Finland and Turku in August 2023 in Tehdas Theatre.

Duration: 40 min
Age recommendation: 14 +
Language: without words

Concept: Sif Jessen Hymøller
Director: Outi Sippola
Performance: Outi Sippola
Puppets: Laura Hallantie
Cabinet: Thomas Q. Clausen
Music: Tomas Raae
Production: Teater Håndhold & Nordic Puppet Ambassadors