You are currently viewing TIP-Fest 2023 programme is now live!

TIP-Fest 2023 programme is now live!

Turku International Puppetry Festival is held 8 to 12 November 2023.

For the 14th time, the Puppetry Festival will serve as a November spotlight and a meeting place for people interested in puppetry. The festival – now proudly a teenager, is naturally dissatisfied with the conventions of puppetry and asks: what is puppetry today, right now? The festival also answers this question naturally with courage, open-mindedness and artistic ambition.

This year’s theme “This Moment” reminds us that theatre is an art of community and presence. The diverse repertoire explores the ever-bubbling surface of puppetry and occasionally dives deep into the heart of being in the moment.

The programme includes high-level foreign guests and three Finnish premieres

What can we expect? Above all, a tried-and-tested, puppet theatre’s own unique way of entering the surrounding reality. We promise audiences a wide-ranging perspective, a bewildering experience and a guaranteed warm festival atmosphere. In TIP-Fest performances, the living, shared communal experience takes precedence over – or even replaces – the story and the characters.

The performances feel the pulse of our times, emphasising visuality and presence. There will be optical magic, journeys from the audience’s seats to the ends of the earth, and space for insights. The performances will be experienced as variously as in an outdoor closet, in a camper van, and in a traditional theatre auditorium.

TIP-Fest is even more international after the pandemic break, bringing four unique performances to Turku. In addition to these, the festival will feature six excellent productions by the artists of the Aura of Puppets network, of which up to three will be premiered at TIP-Fest!

Tickets available from 1 August 2023.

TIP-Fest artistic director Ishmael Falke
Photo: Jussi Virkkumaa