You are currently viewing Jan Jedenak – Theatre of figural forms: /Séance/

Jan Jedenak – Theatre of figural forms: /Séance/

Sequences interpreting the invisible 

Inspired by Guy de Maupassants fictitious diary Le Horla (1887) /Séance/ invokes the invisible by means of motivic minimalist sequences. In the spotlight moments of the past springing from some mind lost in lunacy freeze accompanied by sinistre recordings of sound.

Playing a game with the haze of light and unsettled perception /Seance/, between light and shadow, tries to catch the uncanny presence of what is absent.

Premiered in 2015 /Séance/ won the Fritz-Wortelmannpreis of the German Puppetry Forum Fidena and the city of Bochum for the best professional offspring the same year. The show has toured as part of international festivals in Germany and Israel. It’s Finnish premiere will be in Turku during TIP-Fest. “The black-and-white style of this poetic elegy by Jan Jedenak made of motivic minimalist sequences, flashes of light and pictures of the night resembles the surrealist evocation of film being born. It leaves us with eye flickering fascination.” –

WORKING GROUP Performance, Set design, conception: Jan Jedenak Artistic mentoring: Florian Feisel Sound design: Maximilian Leistikow, Jan Jedenak

Duration: 20 minutes
Language: without words
Age recommendation: for adults (14+)

Friday 10.11.2023 at 22:00
Saturday 11.11.2023 at 19:00 & 21:00
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