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Maiju Tainio & Co.: Gilgamesh – Mortal

PREMIERE 8. & 11.11.

Find the copper box, Grasp the brass lock, open the lid of secrets, lift up the lapis tablet and read, how Gilgamesh wandered through ordeals.

“Don’t touch the art!” Gilgamesh – Mortal overturns this iron-clad prohibition and invites you to take a transgressive step into a unique, kinesthetic adventure in miniature scale – with all your senses!  Gilgamesh – Mortal is an experimance – a poetic game, a private ritual and a serene celebration of impermanence. Charged with the ancient Mesopotamian tale of a search for immortality it offers a gentle, playful space for sensitizing us to all that transience arouses in us. Sink into the oldest epic of the world from when history was timeless and get your hands dirty with art!

WORKING GROUP The concept: Maiju Tainio Experience design: Venla Luoma Sound design and composing: Hannu Seppälä Light design: Jarkko Forsman Visual designers: Saara Kumpulainen and Maiju Tainio Translation and editing of the text: Olavi Ermala, Venla Luoma and Maiju Tainio Dialogist: Suresh Nampuri Graphic Designer: Jussi Virkkumaa

Facilitating: Saara Kumpulainen, Hannu Seppälä, Venla Luoma, Maiju Tainio

Duration: approximately 30 min./experiencer Language: Finnish and English Age recommendation: for adults Tickets: 17,50€ / 27,50€


Wednesday 8 November 16:00–23.00 Saturday 11 November 16:00–23.00 Studio space, Manilla Itäinen Rantakatu 64, Turku

The performance experience is for three spectators at a time.