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TheatreQo: Peephole

FOR CHILDREN An ode to playfulness, neighbours and staying home!

An Aeroplane flies inside a rain cloud. Below the rain cloud flies a seagull, which lands on the top of an antenna  

The Peephole is a puppet theatre performance about an apartment building and its various inhabitants. Life in an apartment building is a strange mixture of being near and far from each other. Through this performance, it is possible to take a peek into the homes in the building and the everyday life of their inhabitants. The performance is a combination of everyday wonders and surprises, as well as a joyful cavalcade of various techniques of puppetry!

WORKING GROUP Screenplay, puppet construction, set design: Anna Uschanov Direction and sound design: Perrine Ferrafiat On stage: Mila Nirhamo and Anna Uschanov Photos: Pauli Tapola


Thursday 9.11.2023 at 10:00 Sunday 12.112023. at 15:00 Lastenkulttuurikeskus Seikkailupuisto Kupittaankatu 2, Timantti-teatteri

Tickets 5 € / 10 € per participant Tickets from Adventure park Seikkailupuisto web page  (page only in Finnish) or contact

Duration: 30 min  Age recommendation: 3+ Language: Finnish