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Artist talks: Drinks with Elina

Drinks with Elina is a discussion series durin Turku International Puppetry festival. Artists bring to the table their favourite drink and share ideas about the performances, puppet art as well as the light and darker bits of being an artist.

This year’s festival theme is sound, music and rhythm on stage. How are rhythm and movement – the key features in all existence – shown as part of visual theatre? What emphasis should we put on listening and silence? What kind of music do the puppets prefer?

Artist talks are hosted by Elina Lajunen. Guests include Finnish and international puppet artists. Elina Lajunen is a puppeteer, director, screenwriter and a hat artist. She graduated in 2004 as a puppet artist  in Turku and in 2008 as an actress form the international Ecole internationale de théatre Jacques Lecoq in Paris. Pariisista. She has directed several performances combining music and puppet art, such as Lady Machbeth and Mytty soirées. Lajunen is an active contributor to the journal of Trade Union for Theatre and Media Finland, Teme.

Drinks with Elia Thu 4.11. at 8pm Tehdas Theatre foyer (in Finnish) Guests: Anna Nekrassova – performer, director Erika Malkki – performer, director Aino Lehtovaara – sound designer Antti-Juhani Manninen – sound designer

Drinks with Elia Fri 5.11. at 8pm Tehdas Theatre foyer (in English) Guests: Matija Solce – director performer and musician Filip Šebšajevič – performer