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WORKSHOP: Musical perspective of object & puppet theatre by Matija Solce

Friday 5 November at 10-14, Manilla I

Practical workshop with leading puppeteer and musician Matija Solce. Suitable for actors, puppeteers, performers, directors.

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Puppet theatre has the capacity of objectivisation and at same time animation of objects, figures, body, light, space or sound. This capability of changing sources of expression, makes it the most flexible artform, which can change from concert to performance, from visual installation to puppet show, from animator to actor. Everything in this world and put on it, can be animated and put in a context with the support of simple rules of rhythm and musicality. That is why Matija Solce avoids using word “puppetry” (even, if it is very sympathetic to me) but rather “theatre of illusive points” which opens understanding of theatre as if any reliable focus, that can become an illusion.

The workshop is just a first dip to the musical perspective of puppetry, which can intervene into every process as the basis of dramaturgy, movement pr changes of focus. The perspective helps building double or more layers of understanding, irony and even puppet provocation, which is terribly needed these days.

During the 4-hour session we will combine seminar of object theatre with the workshop. We will go through experiences of Matija, puppet mechanisms and principles with adaptation to practice.

MATERIALS: newspaper, cup of tea, two cups of coffee and any other random objects one has around.

Workshop fee is 30€ and one can register by purchasing a place in the workshop from Aura of Puppets' Holvi web shop.

Matija Solce is a musician, puppeteer, actor and director as well as puppetry professor, festival organiser and activist, Matija Solce finished PhD studies on Alternative Theatre and Puppetry at Prague theatre academy (DAMU), on the theme “The musical perspective of puppet theatre”. In his works he closely connects music and theatre, and therefore his concerts often turn into interactive theatre performances, or his puppet shows become musical compositions. So far he was awarded over 30 times and directed over 40 shows. He leads annual Ethno Histeria World Orchestra and is programming outdoor site-specific festival Floating Castle and Kavč Festival, which happens in people’s flats.