Dirty Duckling

Adorable puppetry group

Dirty Duckling is an absolutely adorable puppet theatre group founded in 2008 which has, depending on the project and how you want to count it, three, five, eight or ten members.

Dirty Duckling masters contemporary puppetry in its infinite forms, done for both children and adults: for those, who want to see it, and for those, who don’t yet know they want to.

Besides creating performances, Dirty Duckling can also take care of different kinds of event concepts. Their full-body-mask cavalcade has characters for all occasions and the group is interested in bringing them to different kinds of events as a surprise element. Alongside them Dirty Duckling might want to organize a workshop or even a disco.

Dirty Duckling is happy to offer their professional puppetry skills for different kinds of co-operations and productions. Being wild and free themselves, Dirty Duckling enjoys both partners who are similar in nature as well as more serious ones.

Dirty Duckling is adventurous, they get easily excited and light up because of new challenges. Versatile. Active. Playful. Uncompromising. Likable.


– Full-body-masks for festivals and events since 2011, e.g. Ruisrock and Ilmiö/H2Ö

– Experiences in cooperations with partners such as Puppet theatre Akseli Klonk, TEHDAS Teatteri and Oulu city theatre.

– ”You guys are adorable” ”I’m gonna miss you” ”Your antenna is definitely crooked” – cooperation feedback.

-Roughly twenty performances, all equally dear.

– Fitting Agatha, with Love into two vans.

– Fitting Gorilla Gorilla into one van.


Facebook: kuuma ankanpoikanen

Instagram: @kuumaankanpoikanen