Taussi, Mira

Puppetry artist

Mira Taussi graduated in the spring 2016 as a puppeteer from the Turku Arts Academy line of performing arts, with her specialization in puppet theatre.

During her studies at the Arts Acdemy Taussi did a six month study exchange in Barcelona Institut del Teatren in the track for acting and majoring in physical theatre. Taussi’s interest and know-how is in the connecting of visual theatre and physical acting.

Visuality in Taussi’s work doesn’t only have to do with the materials used on stage. The starting point for a lot of her shows, instead of the writing, is visual art and photography. From the techniques of puppet theatre Taussi has her focus on object- and material theatre. Physical acting and motion expression are part of her know-how. Taussi connects all the aforementioned parts in her artistic thesis Hidden woman (2016) and she strives for working with these fields in the future as well. Taussi works as a performer, director and teacher.

For Taussi the core of creating art is experiences she can’t describe in words. Taussi thinks that making theatre performances starts from when her words are not enough to describe what she experiences.

Aura of Puppets’ board president since 2017