Kalenius, Pia

Puppetry artist

Pia Kalenius is Rauma-born, Pohjanmaa-raised and Turku-based freelance puppeteer. Kalenius is innovative puppetry multi-talent who has worked especially as an actress, puppeteer and visual designer/builder. Kalenius is very cooperative and self-directed, and she’s happy to work. In addition to puppetry Kalenius also builds puppets, makes costumes, masks and props also for drama-, therapy- , pedagogy or even commercial use. Insightfulness, speed, neatness, humour and practical functionality are basis for Kanelius’ work.

Puppet acting and acting, puppet building, making of props and peculiarities costumes and mask costumes, practical planning and directing of projects. Previous professions: kindergarten teacher, children’s culture planner / Turku department of culture and different hospitality jobs (such as train hostess) Bravura’s: sewing skills, perceiving three-dimensional shape, voice of a narrator, knowledge of materials

Kalenius wants to focus on wondering about and building of puppets and peculiarities (props and sets), as well as costumes, especially different kinds of mask costumes. She wants to expand her work also to include drama and different creative projects. Besides the craftsmanship of puppet theatre, she is interested in puppetry and acting, and especially productions directed for children and the whole family. She also wishes to start voice acting. Few visions and dreams are still waiting to be realised.

Kalenius gets excited easily and she commits to things. She likes to learn new things. She’s especially happy to work in a group, even though she also values independence. Family, friends, experientiality, and humour are valuable and irreplaceable to Kalenius. She thinks children are especially important and interesting people. Kalenius likes to spend time at rock concerts – the louder and faster the music the better. She also likes to spend time in the nature, she likes when it gets dark and she loves winter. She likes to read, watch movies and drive. She would want to learn a new language and to do a cartwheel and to travel to Machu Picchu.


– 2003–2008 touring with children’s theatre (Teatteri Mukamas, Tampere), during which time they did 11 premiers, performances in Finnish and in Swedish, all together about 570 shows both on their home stage and touring, both in Finland and abroad.

– 2010 Aladdin, Turku summer theatre at Vartiovuori, by director Timo Väntsi. Puppetry in outdoor and in wide stage. Tasks: building puppets (Monster: giant puppet which moves by three puppeteers, Spirit of the ring –mouthpuppet; 10 singing hand puppets) acting with previously mentioned puppets and singing on big stage.

– 2012 Myrsky (Storm) , TEHDAS Theatre ja Aura of Puppets, by director Merja Pöyhönen. The first mega production by puppetry field of Turku, role of Shakespeare and Prospero

– 2013 Vanhan vuoden viimeinen päivä (the Last day of old year), TEHDAS Theatre. Contemporary puppetry for adults with real fire. Long deliberated idea and firstborn directing. Worked also as producer, costumer and stage visualizer. First performance from new generation of puppet artists of Turku was invited to city theatre of Oulu (Piki hall 6.–7.11.2015).

– 2015 Puppets on the road. Solo puppet performance was touring in archipelago of Turku with bicycle. Appeared without asking and unexpected. Execution by me. Ecologically moving performance without depending on space, time, ticket sales or number of audience.

– Volunteer work for puppetry field. Puppetry artists organization (former: Puppet Studio ry)  Aura of Puppets ry. Foundation member of Puppet Studio and president 2010–2015.  Board of Finnish Unima ry,  board and artistic work group of TEHDAS Theatre ry.