Väntsi, Timo

Director, performer, puppet builder

Timo Väntsi is a puppeteer, who through a sidetrack in visual arts has landed in the theatre world. At the moment he works as the artistic director of Turku-based TEHDAS Teatteri, in addition to which he works on his own artistic projects.

In the field of puppetry Väntsi works as a performer, director and puppet builder. Also in the field of drama theatre he works fluently both as an actor and writer-director, but in these projects he also often uses the means of puppetry. Theatre related production jobs are also familiar to him through his positions as regional artist and theatre director. Actively participating in associations has also brought him a lot of experience in running different organizations.

On one hand Väntsi is interested in combining and connecting puppets and actors, but on the other hand he’d happily pick up speed from the traditions of puppetry and push them through to the modern day. He finds solo performances excitedly fascinating. Comedy in all its colors is the most true form for him. Often one must laugh so that they wouldn’t cry.


-As an actor the most significant work in the last few years has been the 2011 success John-Eleanor (HOX Company/ TEHDAS Teatteri, dir. Merja Pöyhönen), which is also available in English.

– The solo performance Seurapiirikuninkaat (The Parlor Kings) was a new adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray.

– Some of the most significant directions have been Frederico García Lorca’s Don Cristóbal (Herra Pampun himot, TEHDAS Teatteri 2012), Aladdin and the magic lamp (Aladdin ja taikalamppu, 2010) for the Turku open-air theatre, and Changeling (Vaihdokas, TEHDAS Teatteri, 2014) based on Selma Lagerlöf’s fairy tale.

–In the field of amateur theatre Väntsi has written and directed three family performances for the Sauvo open-air theatre, which also include puppetry: Pinocchio (2003), Saapasjalkakissa (Puss in Boots, 2008) and Adalmiinan helmi (Adalmiina’s pearl, 2015).