Erika Malkki: Pohjatar

23. & 24.2.2024 Helsinki I

Strong and empathic solo performance about finding one’s own strength.

Siellä on lohtu ja rauha, irtipäästäminen, hiljaisuus lauha – ja paperinauha.

POHJATAR is a performance about feminine power. It embraces femininity by telling the story of Louhi from the perspective of women. Louhi is a mythological matriarch from Finnish folklore. She is the ruler of death and destruction and has multiple counterparts in different cultures all over the world.

In Pohjatar physical expression and visuality intertwine into a scenic metaphor, spiced up with puppetry and a touch of black humour.

The world of Pohjatar is built from paper, a strong, yet fragile material where life has left heavy stains and marinated memories. Pohjatar is a multi-layered performance that interprets sexual violence and infertility.

Above all, it is a story of daring to rise beyond the given part and where the courage to take over one’s own story and life comes to the spotlight. Pohjatar finds light in the shadows, joy in the sorrow and consolation in the desolation.

Photo: Arttu Lehtovaara

WORKING GROUP Script, directing, performing, stage design and puppet building: Erika Malkki Sound design and composing: Aino Lehtovaara Light design: Erika Malkki & Eikka Alatalo Costume design: Anette Ahokas & Erika Malkki Technician: Eikka Alatalo


Fri 23.2.2024 at 19:00 Sat 24.2.2024 at 17:00 Nukketeatteri Sampo, Erottajankatu 7, Helsinki

Duration: 60 min Language: non-verbal Age recommeation: 13+ Tickets 20€ / 15 € Puppets Theatre Sampo

Feedback from spectators:

“A perfect experience you provided, thank you for showing that life can have something great!”

“You are phenomenal, a thousand thanks!”

“A strong, impressive, particularly moving performance. Weepy, wonderful, hilarious. Just like a real-life, strong, tried to shut up woman’s part.”