Merja Pöyhönen & Co.: Leda

19.-20.10.2021 Espoo City Theatre | With English Subtitles!

A contemporary theatre puppetry gem from Turku that mixes rococo, the swan myth, and gender identities. 

Leda is an adaptation of Anu Kaaja’s eponymous, award-winning debut novel. In this theatrical world premiere, the classic Greek myth of Leda and the swan is recounted by a reclusive member of the landed gentry in the 1800th century.

Simultaneously tragic and hilarious, the emerging tableau speaks of a violation of a maiden, and of forbidden passions, identity, (mis)uses of power, and of love, as seen through the lens of different eras. 

In this scintillating theatre puppet version, the story is brought to life as only puppets can. When the hugely relatable narrator puppet is consumed by reading a letter, an innocent maiden Adèle, a carnal marchioness, plain-speaking Monsieur de Signe, and two barons, obsessively discussing birds’ feet, take over the stage. That the characters arefashioned from plastic accoutrement of erotica seems only fitting. As the tale unfolds, the rococo fancies and puppetry parodies yield to reveal darker shadows and fates. 

Prepare to laugh, to feel confused, and to be moved! 

Content warning: The performance contains and discusses sexual violence

Leda is the world premiere of a novel by Anu Kaaja. Theater adaptation is by director Merja Pöyhönen and the working group consists of Finnish puppet theater professionals.

Text: Anu Kaaja
Directing and adaptation: Merja Pöyhönen
Puppets, scenography and costumes: Jenni Rutanen Narrator puppet: Helena Markku
Composer: Antti-Juhani Manninen
Sound Designers: Antti-Juhani Manninen
Light designer: Essi Santala
Cast: Sirpa Järvenpää, Reetta Moilanen, Riina Tikkanen, Maija Westerholm
Production: working group & Turku City Theatre

Leda is supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Turun teatterisäätiö, Finnish Cultural Foundation and Aura of Puppets.

Tue 19 October at 7pm
Wed 20 October at 7pm

Performance period until 12.12.2020
Age recommendation: 15 +
Language: Finnish, subtitles in English

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