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TIP-Fest 2024 Programme is here!

Turku International Puppetry Festival celebrates its 15th anniversary on 6-10 November 2024. The theme of the festival is Tomorrow.

TIP-Fest peers into the future through a puppetry lens. This year’s performances will focus our attention on technological and political upheavals. We also look to the future of puppetry itself; how will puppetry respond to a changing world?

Nano particles and robots as puppets

of the festival. The programme, chosen from Belgium, Germany, Portugal and our Nordic puppet capital Turku, brings together world-class artists. A wide variety of performances can be expected, each of which will explore and redefine the roles of puppetry. Questions arise, for example, what kind of future audiences are today’s babies? What about robots as performers of the future? How about nanoparticles invisible to the naked human eye as puppets of the future? How can the ancient mythical narrative of the future be used in today’s futurism? The tools of future puppetry in the festival programme include virtual reality glasses and computer software, as well as sticks, water and balloons.

The themes of the performances will also include images of threat: fear and anxiety in a changing world, but alongside these will be the joy and excitement of discovery. The TIP-Fest programme looks to the future with a twinkle in its eye, offering a self-aware, humorous and compassionate take on tomorrow. The programme is curated by puppet artist and director Ishmael Falke.

The festival programme spreads across the city through theatres; puppets can be seen on the stages of the festival’s long-standing partners Aura of Puppets, the cultural factory Manilla and the Tehdas Teatteri, th Adventure Park Seikkis and the Turku City Theatre, where the festival’s repertoire will be experienced for the first time on the Small Stage.

The festival features also discussions and lectures for professionals. Save the dates and stay tuned!

See the programme here