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Prinsessa Pikkiriikki - kaikkien tuhmuroijien sankari

Dirty Duckling: Princess Pikkiriikki – The hero of all the naughties

7. November at 12:30 & 3:30 pm TEHDAS Theatre

Princess Pikkiriikki is a colourful and engaging puppet theatre play for the whole family.  During the play princess Pikkiriikki goes through some everyday adventures, such as finding a real friend, running away from home as well as questioning the (silly) rules of adults. With a little help from her magic dog Makkara everything ends well and Pikkiriikkis’  smile reaches again from ear to ear – which is the  most important thing.

The colourful table top puppets, prankish storytelling and the episodic structure keep the interest of even the smallest spectators on the performance. Princess Pikkiriikki offers for both the child and adult audiences a recognizable, hilarious and ambitious puppet theatre experience.

The performance is based on a well-known children’s book series by Hannele Lampela and Ninka Reittu. This is the first time Princess Pikkiriikki is adapted to puppets.

Performances: Sun 7 November at 12:30 am and 3:30 pm at TEHDAS Theatre's Vintti stage Itäinen Rantakatu 64, Turku
Duration: 55 min
Age recommendation: 5-12, for the whole family
Language: Finnish
Tickets: 10 / 15 From Holvi web shop
Photo: Jussi Virkkumaa

WORKING GROUP Script: Merja Pöyhönen Direction: Timo Väntsi Visual design and execution (puppets, stage design, props, costumes):  Pia Kalenius Music and sound design: Valtteri Lipasti Light design: Antton Kainulainen Performers: Pia Kalenius and Merja Pöyhönen Production: Puppet Theatre Kuuma Ankanpoikanen and TEHDAS Theatre