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4.11. Lee Lahikainen

The set consists of an underground miniature world made of paper, shadows, surprising objects, spaces and characters - like in a pop-up book.

12+ / Kirjakahvila, Turku

TIP-Fest 2017: Rooms by the Sea

15.11.–18.11.2017 Mira Taussi

Rooms by the sea premiere take place in TIP-Fest.

8+ / Leaf Center, Turku

TIP-Fest 2017: Block Theatre

16.11.–18.11.2017 Roosa Halme

Abstract, geometrical wooden blocks come alive in Block Theatre.

3+ / Dana hall, Turku, TEHDAS Theatre Vintti, Turku

TIP-Fest 2017: Siira’s Journey to Circus

16.11.–19.11.2017 TEHDAS Theatre

Wonderful performance full of buzzing, humming, whirring and every kind of bits of insect’s life.

3+ / Jo-Jo Theatre, Turku (in Russian), Jo-Jo Theatre, Turku (in Finnish)

TIP-Fest 2017: Crab

16.11.–17.11.2017 Laura Sillanpää

Poetic and physical story where the everyday life of the woman is interrupted by the marine world that invades her appartement.

12+ / TEHDAS Theatre Vintti, Turku


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Performing Arts State Award for Aura of Puppets

The Finnish Minister of education and culture Sanni Grahn-Laasonen has given the Performing Arts State Award for Aura of Puppets, the network for puppet theatre professionals.

The State Award is given as acknowledgement for meritorious work for the benefit of the field of art in question. Aura of Puppets brings together the top experts in Finland as well as develops and makes the art form known. In the past four years Aura of Puppets has grown to be a nationally significant, forward thinking and renewing network of artists.

The award is an accolade not only for the network itself, but most of all for the 45 artists that with their artistic ambition and uncompromising craftsmanship produce experiences for hundreds of thousands of people in Finland and abroad every year. Even though Aura of Puppets was born from the need to create structure to the field of puppet theatre, its main goal is to promote the forming and meeting of high-quality art.

Aura of Puppets’ focus is strongly in the future, in contemporary art, different audiences and new forms of cooperation. The award strengthens Aura of Puppets’ view that the Finnish art field is evolving and open for brave openings.

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