Cie Juste Après: MUE (FR)

Premiere in Finland!

What transforms us?

What moves us, what causes emotions in us? And what do we need to leave behind throughout our existence in order to keep moving ? If our body is a corporal envelope, a temporary home, what happens when life leaves it ? And what happens to our skin then?

MUE is an invitation to an internal voyage, a visual poem that blurs the relationship between the living and the lifeless, tha material and the immaterial, darkness and light…

MUE questions our humanity and the very contours of our body, traversing both physical and metaphysical space in search of what it is to be just before life, or just after death.

9.11.2019 at 8 pm.
Theatre: Aurinkobaletti

Running time: 50 min
Age recommendation: 8+
Language: Without spoken words
Techniques used in the performance: dance, visual theatre, video projecttions, human puppets

Tickets: 22 /17€

Work group:
Concept and performance – Carine Gualdaroni
Live music – Jérémie Bernard
Lights – Charlotte Gaudelus
Stage manager – Baptiste Douaud
Artistic advisors – Claire Heggen, Alice Masson
Costumes – Olivia Ledoux
Scenography – Anne Buguet
Scenographic assistant – Camille Drai
Puppets – Carine Gualdaroni, Pascale Blaison, Agnès Bovis
Photos – Baptiste Le Quiniou
Producer – Antoine Derlon

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