ZHIUM QUERCUS BACCU – TOIVOMUSSIEMEN (“The seed of wishes”) is a soft, poetical and playful puppetry performance about the circle of life. The story is told with patchwork quilts and live music.

The performance follows the growth of a small Seed of Wishes through seasons – all the way into a big tree. The story begins in the winter when there’s only snow and silence, and nothing happens. In the spring the sun starts to warm up the ground, and the soil needs to let go of its snowy cover in order to let the seed grow. We will experience the flourishing greenery of the summer, accompanied by joyful and groovy rhythms, that slowly turn into Autumn winds swishing in the branches of the Tree of Wishes.

The Seed of Wishes is about a small thing actually being really magnificent, how small details can hold a massive meaning and how even a small bee has a great mission.

The performance doesn’t contain any spoken language and it encourages in play over cultural and language barriers.

At the end of the performance children are able to take a look at the scenography, instruments and the puppets of the performance.

10.11. at 14:00
Performance venue: Halinen, youth centre Huudi
Duration: 30 min
Age recommendation: 3+
Language: No spoken language
Free entrance

In collaboration with Opetuskoti Mustikka.

Script: Kajsa Wikman-Colérus & Pauliina Vesslin
Visual design & direction: Kajsa Wikman-Colérus
Music: Victoria Lindqvist
Performers: Victoria Lindqvist & Pauliina Vesslin
Photographs: Christopher Senn
Director’s consultants: Karim Tsarkov & Sari Tirkkonen
Production: Nurinpäin Collective & Theatre SudenEnne

Supported by: Svenska Kulturfonden, Konstsamfundet, Raseborg Stad, Foundation of Sophie von Julin

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